ANZOS-ASLM-ICCR 2019, Sydney, Australia

Prof Berit L. Heitmann

Professor Berit L. Heitmann is Director for research at the Research Unit for Dietary Studies at the parker Institute at Frederiksberg Hospital and Clinical professor at the Department of Public Health at the Copenhagen University. Since 2011 Professor Heitmann has also been Visiting Professor at Sydney University.

Professor Heitmann’s main areas of expertise include diet and the determinants and consequences of obesity, with a particular focus on the primary drivers of overweight and obesity. She has supervised 40 PhD students (5 in progress) and about 100 pre-graduates.

Between 1996-98 she was president of The Danish Association for the Study of Obesity.

Professor Heitmann has published more than 300 scientific peer-reviewed papers.

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